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Saturday, 27-May-2006 22:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
peripheral rotation in kilkenny

rose garden
kilkenny castle
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just got back from kilkenny..spent a whole week there for obs n gynae peripheral rotation..rase x mo ckp omputih 4 the next 10 groupmate is a fun bunch n the city was nice so ok la gak..mairead n breda took me to kilkenny castle for a guided tour..haha..n i wasn't listening to half of what the guide had talked about..x leh aa info psl history2 wonder sejarah time skolah dulu teruk..pelagi ek?? ..dok 1 bilik ngan imelda..mmg sesuai...due2 mls blajar...dok je melepek tgk tv dlm bilik..haha..igtkan dak2 ni sume rajin..ader gak yg x..pastuh tdo tip top..haha..cover balik tdo x ckp mase kat holles street..

Saturday, 27-May-2006 22:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Giant Causeway

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trip to giant causeway-me n ika n fifa n rad n nissah..rented a car, had quite a picnic up there..definitely a fun trip..dok gile ngan fifa kat seat belakang while rad or ika was driving..haha..gile dak terlajak ngan ika coz we were walking far too ahead from the rest of the group..igtkan leh aa berlagak smpi dulu..tgk2 kiteorg yg kene patah balik..jauh gile!!!tp best je..rase cam hiking..moral of the story..jgn jln ngan ika coz she talks wayyyyyy tooo much n u'd get distracted ..tu yg smpi tersesat tu..

Saturday, 18-Mar-2006 21:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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ni demo against war in iraq...against shannon airport being a transit for u.s military planes...against u.s accusation of Iran having nuclear weapons...condemnation on Bush n Bertie Ahern in acts nak includekan Ireland which most Irish x mo pon dieorg having anything to do with the U.S selagi x kuar dr Iraq...n freedom for the Palestine...started from Parnell Square to College Green pastuh patah balik to O'Connell 2nd demo since the one against war in Iraq 2 years back...hmm..interesting...byk gak aa speakers yg ckp tadik..

Saturday, 18-Mar-2006 19:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
jln2 kat city ctr..

view fr milennium bridge..
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Saturday, 18-Mar-2006 17:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
food market in temple bar

me n j
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felt like a tourist 2day!! hahha...wanted sth different 4 lunch so gi la food market ni..we were on our way nak gi demonstration..dis was where i had my first ever oyster dulu....ugh!!!sumpah x mo mkn dah oyster pas tu..dah la yg raw nye..had no idea how ppl can actually stomach that thing.....anyway, we had ngan azni n missing the actual pasar malam!!!!

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